If you are looking for the official Golang website please visit golang.org or go.dev. We are a team of passionate Golang Enthusiasts who love contributing to the "Go" community and provide Golang Dev Services.


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Who We Are?

The Go Devs is a premiere Golang Development Company that has incorporated the best pool of IT talent in the software industry. We leverage the outstanding capabilities of the Go programming language to build future-proof, high-performance software solutions which can deliver your business with maximum ROI. We have identified and understood the efficiency of Golang during its head-start and therefore we use it as our primary tech stack.

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    5+ Years Of Industry Experience
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    Partnered With Global Brands For Large-scale Projects
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    Deliver Scalable Solutions
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    Use Cutting-Edge Technologies
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    Provide 24x7 Maintenance Support
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    Customizable Solutions

Our Services

Product Engineering Service

Want To Bring Your Digital Product Idea To Life & Drive Business Growth? Choose Our Product Engineering Services.


Cloud & DevOps

Want To Improve Your Software Quality, Speed to Market & Reduce Cycle Time? Our Best Clouds & DevOps Services Will Help.

Data Analytics

Want To Organize, Manage & Utilize Your Data To Make Informed Business Decisions? Turn Your Data Into Business Intelligence With Our Data Analytics Services.


Internet Of Things

Whether You Want To Integrate Sensors Or Derive Insights From Devices, Our IoT Services Can Help You By Optimizing Operations, Reducing Costs, and Enhancing Your customer experience.

Team Augmentaion

Now You Don't Need To Conduct Long Interview Rounds To Hire Software Engineers. Trust Us With Our Dev Team Augmentation Services.


How Can We Contribute To Your Digital Success?

We can empower your business by taking it on a journey of digital transformation. To achieve this,leverage Go technology to build a sustainable digital product that helps you to dominate your target market and have an upper edge over your competitors.

End-to-End Development

Our end-to-end development services cover the entire software development life cycle, from ideation and design to deployment and maintenance.

Web Development

We leverage the power of Go to build lightning-fast, secure, and scalable web applications and provide you with efficient and reliable solutions for all scales of businesses.

Mobile Development

Build a scalable, secure, and user-friendly mobile application that integrates with your existing systems, and reaches and engages your customers anytime anywhere with the help of our mobile development services.

QA Testing

Our QA Testing team practices both manual and automated testing methodologies which include functional, performance, security, and compatibility testing, to ensure that your software products meet all the quality standards.

Engineering Solutions

From software development to infrastructure design and optimization, we provide end-to-end engineering services that transform your business operations and drive your digital success.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have achieved a solid client base by partnering up with SMEs, Global brands, start-ups, and tech leaders. Our journey as a Golang development company has been marvelous, Thanks to our Clients, their ideas, and their ultimate support.

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Client Testimonials

“Amazing work done by Codalien Pvt. Ltd. My app is working very fast and the reviews coming from the users are positive. I got my project on time and the effort I put is minimum.”

Rise Sport Lwear

Riseart design

“Amazing work done by Codalien Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”

Kimberly Morgan

Do All Things With Joy

“I am satisfied with the performance of the company and would love to be in contact with you.”

Lucy MLally


Connect With Our
Golang Consultants

Want to bring your tech-driven product idea to life? We got you covered with our Golang Development Services.Connect with our Golang experts today to discuss your requirements and find the best solutions for your product.

Why Choose Golang?

Choose Our Golang Development Services To Build Simple, Secure & Scalable Systems. Wondering Why you should choose Go for your product development? Here are some of the wonderful features of Golang:


High Performance

It is a compiled language, so it has the capability of fast execution. Also, it is memory efficient and narrows down the possibilities of performance issues.



It is easier to write concurrent codes in Golang, So it is best suited to build products that require multiple processes to run simultaneously.



Its concurrency and memory-efficient features make it an ideal choice tobuild scalable applications that canhandle vast data and high traffic.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Applications built with Go can run on a no. of platforms such as macOS, Linux, and Windows


Simple Syntax

It has an easy-to-learn and simple syntax that aids productivity, Moreover it reduces the possibility of bugs and errors.


Vast Community

Go has a large community of developers who contribute to its open-source libraries, so it is easier to find resources and support for building products which further reduces the development time.